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Archive 1991: Digital Excitation - First appearance on MTV

Party Zone was MTV Europe‘s longest-running show. Between 1987 and 1990, Party Zone was hosted by some of MTV Europe’s original VJs including Kristiane Backer. From 1991 to late 1998, it was hosted by Simone Angel, who quickly became the “face” of dance music on the channel, interviewing the most groundbreaking electronic acts and promoting videos by then still relatively unknown acts, such as The Prodigy in the early ’90s. It was on that show, that MTV played our music for the first time. I have no master tape, only a poor VHS of our first appearance.


  • Atari ST
  • Yamaha TX16W
  • Akai S-1000
  • Casio CZ-1000

File under:

  • Music production
  • Early Nineties
  • MTV
  • Video clip

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To my knowledge, this song is not for sale anymore (if you are selling this or have knowledge of somebody else doing this, please contact me).