Tommy Rombouts

Tech-no-logy artist
Audiovisual content creator connecting old and new technologies. On a mission to push music culture forward.

Archive 1996: Debut single Cinérex - I Spy

Archive 1996: Music production and composing on first generation digital audio workstation (DAW).

Tools used:

  • Pentium 90Mhz PC
  • Soundblaster soundcard
  • Syntrillium Cool Edit
  • SoundForge
  • Clavia Nordlead 1

File under:

  • Music production
  • Cinérex
  • Video clip
  • Debut single
  • Album Exit All Areas
  • MTV, TMF, …
Cinérex - I Spy

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This song is, by my knowledge,  not for sale anymore (and if you do, or somebody does, contact me).