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Archive 1999: Music production tools moving to laptop

The end of the nineties, with the laptop being more and more the default computer platform, i wanted to create a complete sound only with my basic laptop.
TnA was a project with that idea in mind. Sounds created with first generation software synths and vocals recorded, edited and mixed with Samplitude, my weapon of choice back then…

The distorted and compact electro sound, from the song “Do We”, was also used for the sound design for the web intro for the club “Fuse”.

Tool used:

  • Compaq laptop
  • Samplitude 2496
  • Orion virtual studio VST host
  • Free VST instruments
  • Focusrite channelstrip

File under:

  • Music production
  • TnA
  • Amphion Multi Media
  • Fuse
  • Sound design
  • Wha Roots recordings
  • WallyGrooveWorld
TnA Do We by Tommy Rombouts and Alissa Kueker

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This song is, by my knowledge,  not for sale anymore (and if you do, or somebody does, contact me).