With augmented reality

Experiment on iOS app for iPhone and iPad Pro

Store your own DFAM patch settings. All paperless, in one place, with this simple to use iOS app.

Recall patches and dial-in and patch all the parameters on the Moog DFAM.

Go a step further and use augmented reality to project the patches on the device and dial-in the settings.

Store and recall all the DFAM parameters

Store your patches quick and easy in one of the preset slots.

Recall patches and dial-in all the parameters on the Moog DFAM.

All the DFAM parameters

All DFAM parameters can be stored.

Toggle switches, rotary knobs and patch cable configurations.

Augemented reality​

Take it a step further and project the preset patch on the control surface of the DFAM. 


Position the iPhone or iPad in front of the DFAM control panel.


Make sure you  have the complete control panel in your view.


The app will recognise the DFAM control panel and project the preset in position.


Dial-in the parameters on the DFAM accordingly.

The creator: TomyTones

TomyTones is Tommy Rombouts. Tech-no-logy artist, audiovisual content creator connecting old and new technologies. On a mission to push music culture forward. Find out more about his experiments on: 

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