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Archive 2001: Cinérex single release Twist and Starts

Twist and Starts is a single coming from the Album CX from Cinérex. The first building blocks for this song came from a drum pattern, recorded on multitrack software (without MIDI) Samplitude. The main sound source was EMU-Planet Phatt and Clavia Nordlead, not the Korg that is used in the video clip.

Tools used:

  • EMU-Planet Phatt
  • Clavia Nordlead 1
  • Samplitude 2496
  • Focusrite channelstrip

File under:

  • Music production
  • Cinérex
  • Album CX
  • Videoclip

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This song is, by my knowledge,  not for sale anymore (and if you do, or somebody does, contact me).