Tommy Rombouts

Tech-no-logy artist.
Audiovisual content creator connecting old and new technologies. On a mission to push music culture forward.

AR experiment with Adobe Aero
Music in VR with Google Resonance Spatial Audio
VR and Paper User Interface
Contactless interface with Intel depth sensor
PlayCanvas Web Game Engine
Interactive installation with Unity and Kinect
Using VR without Headset
Creating Virtual Instruments for Virtual Reality
MIDI Sequencing in Virtual Reality
AR Kit, GPS Data and Sound
Controlling Virtual Instruments with Hand Gestures
Music in Virtual Reality
360 VR Animation
Content for Video Mapping on Furniture
Custom iOS tool for Interactive Content On Stage
Direction, motion graphics
Video mapping on multiple surfaces
Video mapping installation
Archive 2015: 3D Printed Model-kit with Press And Fit Properties
Archive 2013: 3D Printing Case For Raspberry Pi
Archive 2011: 3D modelling & Python Molecular Viewer
Archive 2013: 3D Print for assembly
Archive 2012: 3D Model for Printing
Exploring 3D printing TomyTones designer toy
Archive 2010: 3D Printing Character
Archive 2002 Music Production Cinerex Feeling Fine
Cinérex Twist And Starts
Archive 2001: Cinérex single release Twist and Starts
Cinérex I Spy
Archive 1996: Music production on first generation DAW
Cinérex I Spy
Archive 1996: Music production on first generation DAW
Tommy. Rombouts remixing with Ibanez Talking Machine
Archive 1999: remixing with ibanez talking machine
Digital Excitation on MTV Partyzone
Archive 1991: Digital Excitation - First appearance on MTV
Digital Excitation using Akai sampler
Archive 1991: Dreamparty
Digital Excitation using TB-303
Archive 1991: Sunburst
Digital Excitation using Akai VX600
1991: Going live