[ylwm_vimeo width=”720″ height=”405″]250462186[/ylwm_vimeo] [sixcl]Skill x effort = achievement! At Tonijn bvba we design, create and build experiences. A sports arena, 270 experience, presentations, talk show, live camera, exhibition booths, live streaming, all in one event! This example exactly sums up what we do. A great part of the activities you could file under project management, art direction, technical direction and content creation. Not direct visible when attending audio-visual experiences of this kind, and therefore often overlooked is the technical direction. Often we judge audio-visual work on the look and feel, but there is more, not only design choices matter, it’s also about technical choices. That’s where technical direction comes into play. What type of technology works best for what kind of event? There are many choices and options these days, LED screens, projection techniques, media servers, capture- and streaming video solutions, not forgetting sound and light. At first glance the venue, St-Regis in Kuala Lumpur, offers a build-in full working LED screen set-up. [/sixcl] [sixcl]
It is up to the technical director to compare the technical features of the venue against the wishes of the client.
Soon we came to the realisation that we needed a lot more (equipment and crew). Below is a technical drawing of the original audio-visual set-up and below that the same drawing with the audio-visual set-up after comparing this with the needs of the client. Knowing the technical choices we made ourself, allowed us to create pixel perfect content ahead of time at our homebase. Create the content the right way, and start the design process, discuss all the details with the client, thousands of kilometres from the venue (below also some slides and 3D renders to help visualise the client how the event will be). Preparing on time also means that the participants on stage also can get to know their content visuals ahead of time and rehearse their presentations ahead of time, without being at the venue. [/sixcl] The original technical specifications of the venue The technical specifications after consulting the client and getting to know the needs Preparing pixel perfect content and set-up at Tonijn bvba HQ, ahead of time.